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Unforgettable - Luscious Eyelashes


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Hey Beautiful!

Turn heads and catch anyone's attention with these sexy eyelashes.

Does this match your personality? 


💗Feels Like Real Natural Lash Hair

💗Re-usable up to 20+ times

💗Lightweight with perfect band thickness for comfortable wear and easy application

💗Luscious Eyes Effect that can make everyone stop and stare



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Which countries do you ship to

At this time, we are able to ship in United States, Australia, and Canada. Be sure to check back here to find out where we're shipping to next! Be sure to also follow us on Facebook, and Instagram for updates. 

How many times can I wear them

You can re-use our luscious lashes up to 20 times or as many times as you can as long as you clean them and take care of them.


Avoid applying mascara on your strip lashes. Instead, apply washable mascara on your real lashes first before applying strip false lashes.

Curl natural lashes with regular eyelash curler. You most likely do not have to curl strip lashes but you can on certain natural lash styles.

How to Apply Lashes

Items you need:

Dark Adhesive Eyelash GlueScissors (If needed to trim)Eyelash Applicator (Optional)Mascara (Optional)

Step 1.

Measure lashes to your eye shape. Trim outer corner if necessary to fit your eye shape. Make sure that lashes are curved like U shape (not straight)

Step 2.

Apply dark eyelash glue to eyelash band. Make sure to wipe off excess glue in the bottom (so they don't get in your eye).

Tips: Let the glue dry just enough for it to be tacky. Do not wait for it to be too dried.

If you use our lash glue, you don't have to wait, it's ready to be applied in about 10 seconds.

Step 3.

Place mirror below your face and look down to see a better view. Use an eyelash tweezer for best application. Make sure to apply lashes as close as possible to your lash line. Start in the middle area then work your way in the inner corner and outer corner.

Tips: Press falsies and natural lashes together. Wipe of excess glue with Q-tip. Use an LED Mirror for a better view 

Watch our full detailed video tutorial on IGTV-->

How do I clean my lashes

You can simply clean them by gently pulling off dried up glue with your clean fingers.

You can also use Q-tips dipped in makeup remover to wipe off excess makeup and glue from the lashes.



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